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CER Excelerator®

On-job Activities
On-line Learning
Open-enrollment Programs
Professional Coaches

Fast Access Quickly review what you need to meet specific development needs.

Simplified Recommendations See evaluations of only the best of over 7,000 vendor offerings.

Objective Evaluations CER does not offer training, simply unbiased reviews of development opportunities.

A Competency-based Guide Not a yellow pages, but a search engine that pinpoints development options by competency.

A Comprehensive Tactical Leadership Tool

With an annual membership, access a continuously updated database of the "best of the best" development activities

Competencies - Activities are organized by competencies to develop specific skills.

Curriculums - Direction to internal groups of users is customized.

Assessments - An e-mail enabled 360-degree assessment tool, or your own tool, can be part of the process.

Individual Development Plans - Competency-driven development plans are easily constructed as the system guides you through the most effective learning activities.

Customized Interfaces - Create the presentation you need for the most effective interface.

Use only the modules you need

Membership provides a complete, continuous learning management tool to realize your leaders' full potential.

CER Excelerator is part of a four-step process that addresses a total system for accelerating leadership development. Visit CER Consulting for more details

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